What you need to know!

Please read the following before we embark on our photo adventure. :-)

Pre-Photoshoot - 

  • When do I pay? I require payment on the day of the photoshoot. You may pay after we finish taking photos.
  • How do I pay? Cash or check. 

Photoshoot - 

  • What will the photoshoot look like? A lot of exploring! I always try to find the best looking spots at each location, so this means trekking around and testing out an area for it's colors and lighting. If I like how the photos look we'll take a bunch more, if not then we'll move on to a different spot.
  • Where do I change clothes? Usually there will be a public bathroom at the location, but if not I recommend preparing to change in your car. 

Post-Photoshoot - 

  • When will I get the photos? It takes a maximum of 2 weeks after the photoshoot for the photos to be finished. I will notify you know when I hit send!
  • How will I get the photos? I will send you a download link via email. 
  • How do I print out my photos? You can order prints online (ex: snapfish.com, shutterfly.com, costco.com, walmart.com) or in-store by bringing the photo files on a SD card or flash drive to any store with a photo center (ex: walmart, costco, target, walgreens). 
  • Will you post my photos online? Yes. Posting the latest photos I take helps me to capture the interest of new clients! 

However, if you absolutely you do not want your photos posted online, there is a $50 confidentiality surcharge you can pay and I won't post!

  • Can I post my photos online? Of course!
  • Do I need to credit you if I post the photos? You do not need to post credit, but if you do it is very much appreciated! :) 

Let me know if you have any other questions!